Sunday, 20 November 2011


Positioning a point

My initial task within this exercise is to look through some of photographs  that i have previously taken to see if i can spot some points within them.
On the first image there appears to be two definite points that draw my eye to the area on the image , these as in the other images i  have highlighted the areas using red lines.
The second image has one point that my eyes are drawn to
st germains mist
The third image has three points as highlighted
On the final image there are two definite areas but also the horizon line comes in to focus at the same time .
I am completely new to the of theory of points so i expect to make a few i expect my initial interpretation may be a little suspect to the trained eye.



Moving on to part two of TAOP which has a greater emphasis on the principles of graphic design within photography.

The first project in part two focuses the use of points within images

Points within the frame can alter the movement, balance and division of the image as a whole. To be classed as a point,my initial thoughts are that the subject must be small within the frame and in some way contrast with its surroundings to be considered as a point .However after a little research and browsing some of my old images and in my opinion i feel that larger subjects can have as much an argument to be a point

Points are important because when you look at an image your eye will generally need a ‘resting place’ or something of interest to really hold it. Placed it in a prominent position  points can be  used in photography to "draw in" the viewer


Friday, 18 November 2011


moving into Part 2

I have had a quite a break before moving on to Part to of the course  to be honest i have not picked up a camera in over a year, brought on by a culmination of things including a loss of motivation on the photography side , maybe due to an element of boredom about what i was doing.
Just been having a bit of a reflection on  the photography i have done previously to partaking in this course ,and to move forward i feel i must move away from the norm and get out of my comfort zone which was mainly landscape images.I have made a conscious decision to use the remainder of the course to explore new avenues to try to rekindle my passion for a subject i couldn't get enough of not so long ago.
So here goes…watch this space
Part two of the course should be a bit of an eye opener for me as it focuses more on the graphic design elements of photography , i have dabbled in image editing and manipulation  using Photoshop etc. but I have never really applied graphic design  to my photography  .I have been more of a ‘ i like the look of that scene i think it would make a good image ‘ sort of person
This could be  bumpy but very interesting . 

Exercise Multiple Points

The idea of this exercise is form  several points in an image and suggests that a group of objects implies a network of lines and can create implied shapes.

The exercise asks to set up a still life with an unfussy but not plain background.The scene is to be photographed from a fixed point. Items are to be added to the scene one at a time and a picture taken after the addition of each item.

Exercise The relationship between points


This exercise asks for three images with two natural isolated points in each frame, as the exercise text suggests it has been really hard to find two points naturally in three different photographs (well I have found a few others others but they were not very interesting!). So far I have only found one where the points have been interesting

Sunday, 25 July 2010

First part completed moving on to Assignment 1

Well at long last i have waded through all the exercises leading to the first assignment.
The study materials arrived on 11th May and its taken a while to get this far , a little longer than expected due to various outside influences including a job change .

My honest opinion so far is that i have enjoyed some exercises and i thought some were rather dull and tedious, but hey ho all in the bag now so moving on......

I have been thinking about how i am going to tackle the assignment over the last couple of days , and will hold back a little until i receive guidance and advice from my tutor

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Exercise 12 : Cropping and Extending

This is the last exercise before assignment one , the aim is look at some images we have previously taken and crop them to enhance the image or use the cropping facility to find additional images within the original image.

Using Photoshop CS4 to carry out my cropping i will include the original image , the original image highlighting the area of crop and the the final cropped image.

cropping and extending (3 of 9) cropping and extending (1 of 9)

cropping and extending (2 of 9)

In the above images as i liked the initial image i have aimed to keep the same scene by using a tighter crop removing some of the un interesting dark sky and also an area of rocks to the left of the image giving a cleaner overall image

cropping and extending (6 of 9)cropping and extending (4 of 9)

cropping and extending (5 of 9)

Using a square crop on the above images again alows me to remove some unwanted elements , alowing me to produce a better composed image from the original

cropping and extending (9 of 9) cropping and extending (7 of 9)

cropping and extending (8 of 9)

In the above images the original contained a large area of un interesting sky and a non discript overhanging tree. The image was cropped to remove these elements adding focus on the church.